Configure Google DNS

In the previous section we had configure our domain to be resolved by GCP Cloud DNS.

In this section we will configure Cloud DNS to assign the domain to the Kubernetes Cluster load balancer.

  1. On Google Cloud dashboard menu, select Network services → Cloud DNS: GCP Cloud DNS

  2. Click on Create zone: GCP Cloud DNS create zone

  3. Create the zone with:

    • Set Zone type to public
    • DNS name: enter the dns name. for the purpose of the workshop we will the Domain
    • Zone name: use the training account as a name or select you cluster name (for example: trainee001-srecon19)
    • Set DNSSEC to ON the click on Create GCP Cloud DNS create zone
  4. The created DNS zone details should be displayed: GCP Cloud DNS created

  5. We will add a record set for the hispter e-commerce app, click on Add record set:

    • Enter hipster for DNS Name
    • Select A from the Resource Record Type menu and set TTL to 1 minute.
    • Enter the IP of the Load Balancer previously created for hipster app : kubectl get service frontend-external for IPv4 Address. then Click on Create: GCP Cloud DNS created the DNS zone will be updated with the new Record: GCP Cloud DNS created
  6. wait a minute to get DNS cache updated and then open the application:


GCP Cloud DNS created