Download Istio

  1. We will create working directory for the workshop that we will refer it by the environment variable: WORKSHOP_HOME.

    mkdir ~/istio-workshop && cd ~/istio-workshop
    export WORKSHOP_HOME=~/istio-workshop
  2. Set Istio version in an environment variable (we will use the latest stable version):

    export ISTIO_VERSION=1.3.1
  3. Download Istio:

    curl -L | sh -
  4. add istioctl to your path:

  5. Check istioctl version:

    istioctl version --remote=false

Anatomy of an Istio package:

Below an overview on an Istio release package:

Istio package anatomy

We can categorize Istio release package into 4 sections:

  • bin/istioctl: is the CLI for the Istio control plane similar to kubectl.

  • install: contains various installation options for the different platform. For Kubernetes, official support for Helm Chart and Operator Framework.

  • sample: contains various samples to get started with Istio and embrace its features.

  • tools: contains tooling for perf testing, etc …