Configure GCP account

  1. Get the project ID:

GCP project ID

  1. Set the default project (replace PROJECT_ID with the project during the event workshop or your own project):

    export PROJECT_ID=srecon19-workshop-250603
    gcloud config set project $PROJECT_ID
  2. Set the default compute region and zone:

    export REGION_ID=europe-west1
    gcloud config set compute/region $REGION_ID
    export ZONE_ID=europe-west1-b
    gcloud config set compute/zone $ZONE_ID
  3. Check the configuration:

    gcloud config list
    region = europe-west1
    zone = europe-west1-b
    account =
    disable_usage_reporting = True
    project = srecon19-workshop-250603

Now, everything is prepared to create a Kubernetes cluster.