Enable Istio for Hispter app

We have seen in the previous chapter that we deployed the hipster commerce application and associate a DNS name for it. Now, we will enable the service mesh for the application. Istio suggests 3 methods enables service mesh:

Automatic sidecar injection: Automatic sidecar injection via a Mutating Admission Webhook. when a namespace is labelled istio-injection=enabled, every pod deployed to the namespace get a side car injected by sidecar-injector pod.

Manual sidecar injection: Manual sidecar injection will add a sidecar to the deployment:

istioctl kube-inject -f deployment.yaml

Single pod injection (Experimental): This is really useful when we want to enable mesh for only a specific service and start testing its compatibility with Istio.

istioctl experimental add-to-mesh service [flags]

In this workshop, we will use the manual sidecar injection method.